Why I Was Late to Work Today —

I didn’t oversleep this morning; I was up at 6 a.m. I had two whole hours in which to drink my coffee, feed my dogs and cats, do some leg-ups on the floor, bathe, dress and git. I could easily have accomplished all those things with time to spare… BUT NO-O-O-O!! After feeding the flock and whilst drinking my coffee, I paid my morning visit to my favorite news website, spied a link I just had to investigate, and after reading through the report, was sufficiently emboldened to leave a comment. Almost immediately another reader “liked” what I’d written. And then another — and another! When I returned home tonight, I had a total of 51 likes and 0 “dislikes.” A record for me!  I was late to work today because I couldn’t stop watching that “like” counter as it clicked higher and higher. I’ll try not to let myself indulge in such vanity again, but today, I was doing a “happy dance” inside and gettng to work on time just couldn’t compare.


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